Quadruple cloth


Solo exhibition Jennifer Robertson

1 March-15 April 2013, Fri-Mon 10.30-5.30

Drinks with the artist Saturday 2nd March from 5pm

Narek Galleries, Tanja,

NSW 2550, Australia


This exhibition sketches a personal weaving history over more than 25 years of solo professional practrice. A constant theme is the development of a rich and romantic, poetic cultural language inspired by nature, natural effects, surfaces, vegetation, unique flora and Australian literature. The textiles are simultaneously woven as multi-layered; employing 2,3 or 4 layers, unusual, unique and complex, whilst playing with intrinsic qualities of contrasting materials such as wool, silk, linens and cotton and special effects fibres. Jennifer Robertson has pushed the traditional boundaries of hand weaving to create textiles that sit in a space between Jacquard and Dobby weaving.

Woven works include small 3d pieces, large and small wall pieces, ranges of scarves and wraps of various sizes, weights and lengths in single cloth, double cloth, triple cloth and quadruple cloth, both black and white and multi-coloured.

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